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  Type Title Edited Size Actions
  Collection Affidavit - Request for Unconventional Well Permit Renewal


10/07/16 2
  Collection Application for Abandoned Well Identification


02/06/14 2
  Collection Bonds for Oil and Gas Wells 06/24/09 1
  Collection Coal Pillar Permit 12/26/07 2
  Collection Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Oil and Gas Well Permitting Offices


01/05/15 1
  Collection Coordination of a Well Location with Public Resources -Unconventional Operations Only-


09/30/16 3
  Collection Enviromental Good Samaritan Project Proposal for Abandoned Well Plugging


02/23/17 3
  Collection Environmental Controls 12/26/07 5
  Collection Oil and Gas Regions Map 04/23/09 1
  Collection Orphan Wells 12/26/07 1
  Collection Permit Application to Adopt an Oil or Gas Well


10/07/16 3
  Collection Reports 12/26/07 2
  Collection Request for Pit Approval for Control, Handling or Storage of Production Fluids


04/06/17 3
  Collection Transfer Well to Another Operator 12/26/07 1
  Collection Well Drilling and Operation 12/26/07 6
  Collection Well Plugging 12/26/07 1