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Title:Chapter 9 - Case Studies - Innovative Stormwater Management Approaches and Practices.pdf
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  • Case Study 1: Penn State University - Centre County Visitor Center, Centre County • Porous Asphalt Parking Lots underlain with Subsurface Infiltration Beds • Porous Concrete Sidewalks • Subsurface Infiltration Trenches • Vegetated Infiltration Bed • Several Rain Gardens / Bioretention areas Project Background The Penn State University/Centre County Visitor Center in State College was constructed in 1999 on a site underlain by the Nittany Formation.
  • Stormwater Management System at PSU Visitor’s Center in Centre County, PA.
  • 363-0300-002 / December 30, 2006 Page 3 of 30 Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual Chapter 9 According to the soil survey, the soil at this site was...
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