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Title:Implementation Guidance of Section 93.7 Ammonia Criteria.pdf
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  • Discharge Temperature 15 3.
  • pH 15 4.
  • Criteria 17 B.
  • Requirements for Field Data 17 C.
  • Determination of Effluent Limitations 18 1.
  • Determination of Water Quality Based Effluent Limitations 18 2. Permit Effluent Limitations 24 3. Seasonal Limitations 24 4. Potential Impact on Water Supplies 25 5. Wasteload Allocations 26 D. Incorporation of Effluent Limits into NPDES Permits 28 E. Example Calculations 3. Stream pH: (Reference Pages 15-17) The model computes complete mix median pH values for ammonia calculations from user input of stream and discharge median pH values. B. Discussion of Section 93.7 The statewide ammonia criteria are based on EPA's ammonia toxicity models, which express ...
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