1300-PM-BIT0001 5/2012


    This final checklist is to assist the applicant in assuring that all requests for responses, contacts, additional documentation, etc. have been addressed. Please check the following list to make sure that you have included all the required information. Failure to provide all of the requested information will delay the processing of the application and may result in the application being placed on hold with no action, or will be considered withdrawn and the application file closed. This applicant’s checklist need not be returned to DEP with your completed application.
    ATTACHMENTS. The completion of the GIF may require the submission of some or all of the following. Where appropriate, include the appropriate attachment(s) with the completed GIF.
        a)  Site Information, Written Directions to Site - Attach additional sheets as necessary.
        b)  Facility Information, Latitude/Longitude – Attach additional sheets as necessary.
        c)  Project Information, Project Description – Attach additional sheets as necessary.
        d)  Project Information, Time Schedules -- Attach additional sheets as necessary.
    e)  Land Use Information   Please attached completed County and Municipal Land Use Letters. If County and Municipal Land Use Letters are not included, please attach documentation indicating zoning approval (for early opt-out option), or certified mail receipts indicating that requests for County and Municipal Land Use Letters were sent to the county and municipality. For more information, see GIF Instructions and the Department's Policy for Consideration of Local Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Ordinances in DEP Review of Authorizations for Facilities and Infrastructure - Document ID: 012-0200-001.
    f)  Coordination Information - If land is disturbed, it may be the applicant’s responsibility to also notify the PA Historical and Museum Commission, Bureau of Historic Preservation, 400 North Street, Floor 2, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0093, (717) 787-3362.
         PHMC notification is required for:
     1)  purposes of construction activities for Individual NPDES permits disturbing 10 or more acres; and
         2)  Erosion & Sediment Control permits.
     General NPDES permits disturbing 10 or more acres are exempt from PHMC notification. For additional information, see Cultural Resource Notice instructions to determine whether submission of information to PHMC is required for this permit application.
        g)  Coordination Information, Question 9.0.1 – Attach copy– Act 537 Approval Letter. Note: Approval required prior to 105/NPDES approval.
    h)  Coordination Information, Question 16.0.2 – Attach copy - Public Water Supplier’s Agreement Letter to Serve the Project.
    CONTACTS MADE. According to information provided in the Coordination Information section, the appropriate DEP office may need to be contacted; as well as some agencies outside DEP. See the Instructions document for appropriate contact per coordination question.
    In addition to contacts referenced above, prior to proceeding with any project, DEP encourages applicants to be in touch with municipal and county governments to get information on and secure, if possible, any local permits or approvals that might be required for the project. By doing so, potential conflicts at the local level can be resolved prior to application submission to DEP.
    BEFORE YOU DIG -- CONTACT. Pennsylvania One Call System at 1-800-242-1776.
    APPLICATION SUBMITTED. Application has been completed and properly signed according to instructions and type codes; and will be submitted to the appropriate DEP office.

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