Act of Jul. 20, 1979, P.L. 183, No. 60
    Cl. 58
    AN ACT
    Regulating the terms and conditions of certain leases regarding
    natural gas and oil.
    The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    hereby enacts as follows:
    Section 1. A lease or other such agreement conveying the
    right to remove or recover oil, natural gas or gas of any other
    designation from lessor to lessee shall not be valid if such
    lease does not guarantee the lessor at least one-eighth royalty
    of all oil, natural gas or gas of other designations removed or
    recovered from the subject real property.
    Section 2. An oil, natural gas or other designation gas well
    or oil, natural gas or other designation gas lease which does
    not provide a one-eighth metered royalty shall be subject to
    such an escalation when its original state is altered by new
    drilling, deeper drilling, redrilling, artificial well
    stimulation, hydraulic fracturing or any other procedure for
    increased production. A lease shall not be affected when the
    well is altered through routine maintenance or cleaning.
    Section 3. Whenever such an increased production procedure
    has been completed prior to the effective date of this act,
    metering and the above royalty shall commence within 90 days
    after the effective date of this act.
    Section 4. This act shall take effect in 60 days.

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