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    Registration of Radiation Producing Machines
    The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Radiation Protection
    welcomes your request for this registration for radiation producing machines.
    This portion of the application provides general registration information that will be of value to you
    when you complete the written portion of the application.
    The Department issues registrations for radiation producing machines under the provisions of the
    Radiation Protection Act and respective regulations, which set forth requirements both to become
    and to remain registered. The Department is responsible for enforcing the Radiation Protection
    Act and our regulations.
    It is imperative that you become familiar with our radiation protection regulations in the
    Pennsylvania State Code, Title 25 Environmental Protection, available at or a
    copy of which is available upon request.
    Registration Requirements
    A registration is required for any person or entity possessing a radiation-producing machine.
    Entities possessing a radiation-producing machine shall:
    Register with the Department within 30 days after acquisition. Registration shall be
    completed on forms furnished by the Department (enclosed) and shall contain information
    required on the form and accompanying instructions.
    Designate an individual to be responsible for radiation safety on the registration form.
    Notify the Department in writing within 30 days of a change of address, owner,
    radiation safety officer or number of machines.
    Have a copy of the currently valid certificate of registration available for inspection by the
    Department at the facility where the x-ray equipment is used.
    A person possessing an accelerator has to have it licensed under PA Code Title 25
    Chapter 228 (relating to radiation safety requirements for particle accelerators).
    Valid Registration
    The registration becomes valid upon receipt of the properly completed registration form
    the fee required under Chapter 218 (related to fees).
    The Department will issue a certificate of registration to the entity whose registration
    becomes valid.
    Transfer or Assignment
    A certificate of registration issued by the Department may not be transferred, assigned, or
    in any manner disposed of, either voluntary or involuntarily, to any entity without submitting
    a written request to and receiving approval from the Department.

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    Payment of Registration Fees
    Dental, Podiatric,
    All Other Facilities
    Fees consist of an annual Administrative Fee in addition to an annual $50.00 per tube-head
    assembly. An entity filing a registration under section 216.2 shall remit the appropriate fee
    calculated by using the information above. If you need assistance calculating fees, please call
    the Bureau of Radiation Protection at 717-787-3720.
    Partial payments are not accepted for registration.
    Fees for initial registration are payable upon the filing of the registration
    Any overpayments will be refunded to registrant.
    This registration must be renewed annually.
    The Department will send an application for renewal to the registrant (invoice) at least two
    months prior to the expiration date on the certificate of registration. The renewal becomes
    valid upon receipt of the properly completed renewal application and fees.
    Fees are payable by the last day of the registration month as shown on the registration fee
    If you do not receive the renewal form two months prior to expiration, you should notify the
    Department. Submittal of the renewal application and payment of the appropriate fee on
    time is the registrants responsibility.
    If there is an increase in the number of tubes after an initial registration or after an
    application for renewal has been filed with the Department, no additional fee is required
    until the time of the next registration renewal.
    Likewise, if there is a decrease in the number of tubes during the year, no refund will be
    If a registration is revoked or voluntarily terminated prior to its expiration date, the
    registration fee will not be refunded in whole or in part.
    Termination of Registration
    This registration may not be voluntarily terminated without first submitting a “Terminating
    Registration of Radiation Producing Machines” form. These forms are included in this
    package of information. See Section 216.4

    How and Where to Pay
    Please complete the registration form included in this packet.
    Retain a copy of the registration form with your machine(s) records.
    Mail the original copy of the registration form, along with a check or money order in the
    proper amount.
    You must include payment with your registration or your form
    will be returned to you and your registration will not be valid.
    Mail the registration
    the check or money order, payable to “
    Commonwealth of
    ” to:
    Bureau of Radiation Protection
    PO Box 8469
    Harrisburg, PA 17105-8469
    Failure by registrant to pay required fee
    (as set forth by Chapter 218.2)
    X-ray equipment may not be possessed without a valid registration.
    A registrant who fails to pay an annual fee required under this chapter shall be subject
    to the civil and criminal penalties as provided under the Act.
    Nonpayment of fees required by this chapter shall be cause for revocation of
    registration issued by the Department under the Act.
    For more information, please visit
    , keyword: Radiation Protection.
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Department of Environmental Protection
    An Equal Opportunity Employer

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